About Us


Allegheny GeoQuest was established in 1999. The founders are professionals with well established work histories and academic credentials in the earth sciences. Our experiences and training cover a wide range of fields of expertise. Furthermore, we seek advice from a large net of experts that we have established during our work and academic experiences.



Principal, co-founder:


Roman G. Kyshakevych Ph.D., P.G.


Ph.D.        University of Pittsburgh (Geology)                         

M.S.          University of Pittsburgh (Geology)

M.P.M.     Carnegie Mellon (Management)

M.S.I.T.   Carnegie Mellon (Information Technology)

B.S.          University of Pittsburgh (Computer Science)

B.S.          University of Pittsburgh (Biology, Geology)


University of Pittsburgh Center for International Studies:

Advanced Certificate in Eastern European Studies

Advanced Certificate in Asian (Indian) Studies

Advanced Certificate in Latin American Studies

Undergraduate Certificate in Latin American Studies



Seismic Industry (offshore, nearshore and transition zones)

Biodiversity and geologic assessments

Gathering and analysis of geochemical data


Brakeman on the Union Railroad (Pittsburgh)


Active Research and Interests:

Ecology and paleo-ecology

Landscape Ecology

Sequence stratigraphy

Sedimentology and stratigraphy

Invertebrate paleontology

Geodesy and geodetic positioning

Geohydrology (surface and groundwater)



South American National Parks

Geology of South America

Geology of Appalachian Plateau

Geology of Himalayan  Region

Geology of Eurasia